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  • Shop drawings (Inventor and Autocad),
  • 3d models,
  • CNC files sets for:


  • Steel Fabrication
  • Scaffolding
  • Suppliers
  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Other Manufacturing

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Shop Drawings

To fabrication and build architectural shop drawings are always necessary!

It is very important for every contractor to have the right architectural shop drawings. The shop drawings are very consuming, and take up loads of time to create. Specialty Steel of America, have the knowledge and know-how to draw what you and your company needs.

The accuracy needs to be exact and in accordance with the dimensions for building projects. In simple terms, all the engineers, the contractors and other technicians involved in the construction of the building, they should have an easier time with the interpretation of these details.

The right architectural shop drawing procedures need to be filed in the right channel, and this will lead the coordination of the contractor, the engineer, the architect, the plumber and electrician. Shop Drawings need to have the proper records, the design of the building and the estimated descriptions.

The parties involved to architectural shop drawing will include the contractor, the supplier, the manufacturer, the engineer, the installer and the architect. They have to carry out tests, and measurements, which will lead to the right development and plan of the building.

There are different submittals, which are needed during the architectural shop drawings will include the ones, which were in existence during the time of the construction contract.

In case there are issues, the corrected drawings are sent back to all the involved parties.

Specialty Steel of America is ready to work with you. Please contact us for any questions by 718-893-6326 or by email specialtdrawings@gmail.com

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